Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ford - s/t

Ford Friendly 45 (Black Jack, 1992)

The four chicks that make up Ford are pictured on the back sleeve, hanging out in a backyard, in t-shirts or flannels, one sporting a Slayer cap. If the name Ford doesn't stink of grunge, that picture certainly does. Yet, though Ford has a tad of the metallic sludge and Stoogeisms that infested grunge, these ears hear more early 80s artcore ala Husker Du's Statues, Blight, or Saccharine Trust in these dames sound. Aided by being just good enough to pull their songs off but not good enough to wank, these Frisco gals manage two fine songs.

Ask me about Ford in the Nineties and I'd have to plead ignorance. So close to Frisco I was but word from that town regarding "all girl" bands was about the Mudwimmin and Tribe 8, both who failed to deliver anything as good as Friendly. Ford would have remained unknown to me had it not been released on Black Jack, the excellent label of Monoshock's Scott Derr. Proof that paying attention to certain labels will get you to forgotten gems of an era. --Scott S

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bitchschool - s/t

Bitchschool s/t EP (Lipstick, 1998)

Bitchschool were one of the first rockin'-gum-poppin' outfits from the late 90s Bay Area scene to directly mainline the harder powerpop sounds of the late 70s, well, other than the Bobbyteens, obviously. The Loose Lips were "operating" on a post-Dolls-shambolic level around then, just as the Donnas were generating their stiffly freeze-dried Suzi Quatro-style approach, but Bitch School stayed true to the Bomp Records school of pop: Anthemic songs 'bout nuthin' much, just life and its myriad letdowns and pick me ups rendered with a straight forward garage/glam 1-2 punch. This 45 could slot right onto that first Waves comp that Bomp released in 1979. Still waiting for a contemporary powerpop band to channel the true-to-life geek on the cover of that monster alb!

So Bitchschool didn't last too long. Nothing good does. However, they did graduate members into groups that will mosey along on Static Party in the bye-and-bye. -Ryan W.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Teen Cool - Skips Skool

Teen Cool Skips Skool EP (Mortville, 1999)

These Texans break absolutely no new ground here but who cares when the template is Supercharger and the songs are revved up enough to jump out of the grooves. Part of the late 90s Austin punk scene which spawned some excellent bands (Motards, Cryin Out Louds, Inhalants, etc.) and a few solid labels, including Toby "Motards" Marsh's Mortville.

Don't know how many of these were pressed but considering you can find it for under $5 I'd say plenty. --Scott S.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Odd - Rock Rock Burn

The Odd Rock, Rock, Burn! 45 (Jet Star, 1998)

Here we go again, every ten or twelve posts I trot out another one of these records, a 90s 7" whose unacknowledged swellness inspired me to agree to help get this blog a-goin' in the first place. Isn't this thing just the epitome of a fun, rocking 7" garage single? The production is intelligent (nice overdubs), the songs are "merely" spirited re-writes of 60s pop songs (sometimes two operating at the same time!) and the cover has that great thrown-together-on-the-kitchen-table look.

Catchy little fucker. Nothing to say about this because my searches didn't turn anything up but I think this was from Minnesota, based purely on some hazy half-forgotten convo at the time. I'm sure someone out there will chirp. -Ryan W.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Zymotics - (Eddie's) Random Bombing

Zymotics (Eddie's) Random Bombing EP (Answer, 1998)

God damn. Didn't like the last one, huh? Like we really care. You are paying what for this stuff? Great, I am glad we have an understanding. Let us also understand that Ryan and I have been working our asses off writing shit for this zine we are doing. It is called The Z Gun. It will be out later this month. It is a lot of writing. We are tired and cranky and this is late. I shouldn't reward your whining with a gem like this, but under this gruff exterior is a marshmallow of a man.

Back to Japan and the first Zymotics record. A feisty trio from Nagoya, they went from blazing garage punk to aggressive weird punk to fucked up post punk. Good luck in finding their records, especially their one on Needle. Enjoy. (And don't confuse them with the lame Euro band by the same name.) --Scott S.

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