Monday, June 11, 2007

The Odd - Rock Rock Burn

The Odd Rock, Rock, Burn! 45 (Jet Star, 1998)

Here we go again, every ten or twelve posts I trot out another one of these records, a 90s 7" whose unacknowledged swellness inspired me to agree to help get this blog a-goin' in the first place. Isn't this thing just the epitome of a fun, rocking 7" garage single? The production is intelligent (nice overdubs), the songs are "merely" spirited re-writes of 60s pop songs (sometimes two operating at the same time!) and the cover has that great thrown-together-on-the-kitchen-table look.

Catchy little fucker. Nothing to say about this because my searches didn't turn anything up but I think this was from Minnesota, based purely on some hazy half-forgotten convo at the time. I'm sure someone out there will chirp. -Ryan W.

one of my faves, too! i got this around the same time as the first black lips 7"s and it was like, yeah, this garage thing could be rockin weird again!
Rock Rock Burn! The Odd was the garage/glam/party band formed as a side project by otherwise *serious* local musicians to play some Saturday night shows in the frozen wastelands of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The single was recorded and released in 1998, and the cover WAS literally thrown together on the kitchen table (and the floor of the copyshop- all covers are color copies on A4 handcut down to single size)-by two earnest young record nerds with their hearts in the right place but (thankfully) no clue about graphic design. World famous in Minnesota, The Odd single sold out in less than a year, by which time the band had broken up. There's also a self-released CD floating around with these two songs and 5 or 6 more that made up The Odd's typical rockin show.

When putting out a record there's really no way to know where it's going to end up, eventually. It was such a happy shock to see The Odd up on Static Party- thanks, glad you like it.
Lilia (one half ex Jetstar)
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