Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Kwyet Kings - Don't Doubt My Love

The Kwyet Kings Don't Doubt My Love 45 (Weed, 1994)

Sorry about the wait - well, as sorry as a couple guys who are doing this for no pay can be. We've been working on the new issue of Z Gun and haven't had the time to keep up with this. Now that that beast has been felled, time to post some crap.

Today, we delve into an area we have steered pretty clear of - 90s garage punk where the stress in on the garage rather than the punk. For the most part, the by-numbers, Six-Oh sounds leave us in a napping mode. Sure, they got the style points down and the sounds are fine but there is no umph, no rip it out your ass noise that nails one's ears to the wall. Perhaps you might think that flies in a world before the Mummies. If you think so I got a challenge: Name me ten bands from the Paisley Underground garage revival of the Eighties what deserve a second listen. You can't. After the Morlocks and the Lyres your brain freezes and nearly everything else you gotta be a bit generous about. Bah. Too much good shit out there to spare some generosity.

Now The Kwyet Kings, they have something going on. Sure thing that they adhere to the Known World of Sixties Twang n' Thump, but they do it well. Certainly helps that these Norwegians swipe smart from both the Seeds and the Lyres. The K-Kings released a scad of other records, most of them equally as good, but between you and me - if you can scrounge up just one, no need to break a sweat lookin' for more. - Scott S.

Don't Doubt My Love

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