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The Kwyet Kings - Don't Doubt My Love

The Kwyet Kings Don't Doubt My Love 45 (Weed, 1994)

Sorry about the wait - well, as sorry as a couple guys who are doing this for no pay can be. We've been working on the new issue of Z Gun and haven't had the time to keep up with this. Now that that beast has been felled, time to post some crap.

Today, we delve into an area we have steered pretty clear of - 90s garage punk where the stress in on the garage rather than the punk. For the most part, the by-numbers, Six-Oh sounds leave us in a napping mode. Sure, they got the style points down and the sounds are fine but there is no umph, no rip it out your ass noise that nails one's ears to the wall. Perhaps you might think that flies in a world before the Mummies. If you think so I got a challenge: Name me ten bands from the Paisley Underground garage revival of the Eighties what deserve a second listen. You can't. After the Morlocks and the Lyres your brain freezes and nearly everything else you gotta be a bit generous about. Bah. Too much good shit out there to spare some generosity.

Now The Kwyet Kings, they have something going on. Sure thing that they adhere to the Known World of Sixties Twang n' Thump, but they do it well. Certainly helps that these Norwegians swipe smart from both the Seeds and the Lyres. The K-Kings released a scad of other records, most of them equally as good, but between you and me - if you can scrounge up just one, no need to break a sweat lookin' for more. - Scott S.

Don't Doubt My Love

A challenge? I'm challenged!
1) The Chesterfield Kings
2) The Pandoras
3) The Lyres
4) Dream Syndicate
5) Rain Parade
6) Opal
7) Bangs / Bangles
8) The Cynics
9) The Milkshakes
10) Tar Babies / Red Swirls
And I didn't even have to use True West's first EP, but even that wouldn't've bin too generous, shirley?
Thanks, and looking forward to the new ish.
Forget the fact that I was yapping about garage stuff (yeah, I mentioned Paisley Underground, but given the other shit I drivelled you coulda clued in on that), here's some counters to this list:

1) The Chesterfield Kings - maybe live, but on record? gack! light weight fluff.

2) The Pandoras - as heretical as this will be, overrated. yeah, i like them but you can distill their worth to a half dozen songs and some very lovely ladies. certainly not exceptional.

3) The Lyres - Yeah, I mentioned them and just on the merit of On Fyre they make the list. Hell, that is one of the best LPs of all time. That they don't top your list says something.

4) Dream Syndicate - Really, do they count as Paisley Underground? Seems like they transcend the whole PU/Garage Revival...Never considered them a part of that scene.

5) Rain Parade - bah. weak boring crap.

6) Opal - Now you are stretching. Opal might have a couple of refugees from that scene - though Kendra was pretty much an outsider to it all all the time - but they were not of that scene. First, they started a bit late and second, there aint a god damn thing garagey about them. Excellent band sure but something apart from PU.

7) Bangs / Bangles - Another stretch. You could count the Bangs as part of the Dangerhouse crowd if you really tried. Ya might as well call the Go Go's a garage band.

8) The Cynics - By what measure, the amount of records they put out? Certainly you throw enough shit against the wall and something is gonna stick. But even what sticks with the Cynics is the same two or three songs rewritten.

9) The Milkshakes - It is THEE Milkshakes, genius. And these guys stood sooooooo far apart from any scene that they don't count. They were on an island, literally.

10) Tar Babies / Red Swirls - Wha????? You dont happen to be Dave Lang?

And it is a good thing you didnt mention True West's first EP, as it is good for one song, one they didnt write. But you should have mentioned the Nomads, who were a great band for a time. "She Pays the Rent" and their version of "Have Love Will Travel" are both better than anything by the Chest. Kings. If you wanted another LA band to throw in there you need not bore us with Rain Parade or stretch to include Opal when there is the Salvation Army, whose first LP is perfect flower pop psych. How 'bout the Sic Kids? They had one good song? Forgot to drag in the Aussies - such as the Lime Spiders - though they werent part of that scene. Oh and why not soil yourself with Plasticland, the Fleshtones, the Fuzztones, or Plan 9 - all overrated then and pretty much forgotten now (though Platicland had a good single or two).

Sorry dude your list (even with the Lyres gimme and acknowledging the greatness of Dream Syndicate, Opal, and THEE Milkshakes) reads like something out of Trouser Press or the minds of asshole rock crits who were praising that crap at the time, saying it was more relevant and important than American hardcore. Bah to them and bah to you. The Chesterfield Kings? Need I send you a merkin? --SS
Yeah, most garage-rock revival leaves me cold - it sounds alright but rarely adds up to much. (I treasure my 2nd edition Trouser Press but it's true they're pro-jangle, anti-hardcore bias still grates (read the entry on Channel Three and see how the worse they got the more praise the got.)

P.S.Love that Decibels 7"

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