Monday, June 04, 2007

Zymotics - (Eddie's) Random Bombing

Zymotics (Eddie's) Random Bombing EP (Answer, 1998)

God damn. Didn't like the last one, huh? Like we really care. You are paying what for this stuff? Great, I am glad we have an understanding. Let us also understand that Ryan and I have been working our asses off writing shit for this zine we are doing. It is called The Z Gun. It will be out later this month. It is a lot of writing. We are tired and cranky and this is late. I shouldn't reward your whining with a gem like this, but under this gruff exterior is a marshmallow of a man.

Back to Japan and the first Zymotics record. A feisty trio from Nagoya, they went from blazing garage punk to aggressive weird punk to fucked up post punk. Good luck in finding their records, especially their one on Needle. Enjoy. (And don't confuse them with the lame Euro band by the same name.) --Scott S.

LOL! Nice retort to my hating on your last posting! Glad you don't give two fucks what I think. Neither would I if I had a cool blog like this. Post Pearl Jam on here if you want. You've "redeemed" yourself with this Zymotics posting- nice! I bought a copy of this new back in June of 2000 so I didn't know it was actually from '98. Maybe it had been laying around a local shop for a few years already (?).
Lookin forward to the Z Gun 'zine too!
great record, thx
great record. their new fucked up post punk stuff is great too and I wish they'd put out more.
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