Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bitchschool - s/t

Bitchschool s/t EP (Lipstick, 1998)

Bitchschool were one of the first rockin'-gum-poppin' outfits from the late 90s Bay Area scene to directly mainline the harder powerpop sounds of the late 70s, well, other than the Bobbyteens, obviously. The Loose Lips were "operating" on a post-Dolls-shambolic level around then, just as the Donnas were generating their stiffly freeze-dried Suzi Quatro-style approach, but Bitch School stayed true to the Bomp Records school of pop: Anthemic songs 'bout nuthin' much, just life and its myriad letdowns and pick me ups rendered with a straight forward garage/glam 1-2 punch. This 45 could slot right onto that first Waves comp that Bomp released in 1979. Still waiting for a contemporary powerpop band to channel the true-to-life geek on the cover of that monster alb!

So Bitchschool didn't last too long. Nothing good does. However, they did graduate members into groups that will mosey along on Static Party in the bye-and-bye. -Ryan W.

Funny that you posted this, because just last week I plucked this out of an old box of 7"s in my basement and really began digging it again after not listening to it for a few years. Good call on skipping the 3rd track which is the weakest on the EP. What a fun record, very hummable.
I think I was fucked up and mentioned this in dissing some other band, 1/2 of the band were Ex-Chones, and of course good ol' Jessica pal of Mary Lou from UC irvine. Viva Los SantaMarias.

If memory serves, a bridge band between Loli Y Los Chones and the Pinks/Fevers.

Excellent nonetheless.
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