Monday, June 18, 2007

Teen Cool - Skips Skool

Teen Cool Skips Skool EP (Mortville, 1999)

These Texans break absolutely no new ground here but who cares when the template is Supercharger and the songs are revved up enough to jump out of the grooves. Part of the late 90s Austin punk scene which spawned some excellent bands (Motards, Cryin Out Louds, Inhalants, etc.) and a few solid labels, including Toby "Motards" Marsh's Mortville.

Don't know how many of these were pressed but considering you can find it for under $5 I'd say plenty. --Scott S.

Initially from Houston.
Toby filled in as the bas player for the tour.
I have the Teen Cool/Room 41 split 7". Anybody know whatever happened to Room 41? Besides the split, they had a 7" put out by Empty Records ("Lucy's Sad/Brain Shake"). And then...?
Room 41 had another 7" released in Japan. It's a goodie.
Thanks for the info...uh "anonymous". I'll try to track it down. Scott? Ryan? How 'bout some Room 41?
Joe - Jukeboxes usually have a coin slot --SS
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