Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Stoned Men - s/t

3 Stoned Men s/t EP (Bag of Hammers, 1993)

It really would have been a crime if the 90s best punk label didn't release at least one David Nudelman record. There are so many Nudelman projects and a lot of them are really damn good so one was bound to land there. And when I say "so many" I mean a lot. As with Seattle's Rob Vasquez, Nudelman was everywhere in San Francisco of the 90s. And as with Rob Vasquez, we could easily make this seem like a "Nudelman Appreciation Society" blog (we've done one of his bands already). Was talking to famous KDVS dejay Rick Ele yesterday and commented that someone could probably do a whole show dedicated to David Nudelmen projects. So what's the fuss about Nudelman? Well, his stuff is pretty much straight ahead rock & roll, right out of the garage, with no airs or image or hype. It's a little off, but naturally so. And it has good reference points. So, you get three out of four songs off this EP. The whole thing is good rock & roll with a sense of humor. And just so I don't get accused of forgetting the rest of the band: Mike Buzzo played drums and John Blackwell, who co-wrote most of the songs and totally wrote the excellent "Lisa", played bass and far out harmonica. Check it out. (PS: Anyone know if there is any relation between David Nudelman and Todd Nudelman of the In Out?) --Scott S.

Wow - don't even think Todd is aware of David, even though does in fact have two brothers (though neither one of them plays music). Thanks for the mention, however. Cheers - Nick Blakey/The In Out
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