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The Wild Breed - Live at Tom Guido's Fuzz Club

The Wild Breed Live at Tom Guido's Fuzz Club EP (Belly Lint, 1991)

An analogy can (and will, watch!) be made that the Mummies were the Sex Pistols of the garage punk revival of the 90s. There are individual records that might be better than the Mummies Never Been Caught Lp, or some contemporary 45s that perhaps in isolated instances might top their Skinnie Minnie discus, but in toto the Mummies are the ones who fixatedly drove that filthy white hearse straight up the asshole of rock 'n roll history and blazed the brightest path to follow for the hordes that were inspired by their anti-tightass revolution. And thanks for that. But, then, it stands to reason that there are other bands that had the same basic idea but just didn't flare off to such a spectacular extant as those guys, and these groups would be analagous to all the great worldwide proto-punk outfits that shadowed the Pistols in '76; Yer Bob Story, yer Hurriganes, yer Low Numbers, yer Kursaal Flyers, etc.

Enter the Wild Breed. A Bay Area band blessed with the unmistakeable vocals of David Nudelman (and also at one time the unstoppable MAL), the Wild Breed are sort of a 60s band I suppose but their take is totally, uh, contemporary. Some of the songs on this EP fall apart but not this one. Jeez, sounds like a Czech bootleg of some Polish arty garage band from 1973...right? But this is LIVE from Tom Guido's (pre-Purple Onion) travelling DJ club/extraganza that usually ended up camping at the Chatterbox in San Francisco but settled in wherever it could before he got the lease in North Beach. The Bay Area used to, like, be the City That Was Built on Rock 'n Roll, Grace Slick no lie! Upcoming will be other like-minded legends such as the Vanilla Whores EP and possibly a peek at the seldom-seen full-length Fuzz Club Ep 'released' by Guido years after the fact. Stay tuned.

The Wild Breed have several other records for you to purchase, NONE of which are at all easy to find since they were 300-500 press back when that meant something. If the going gets tough, you can certainly make do with the recordings of their successor unit 3 Stoned Men. And Tom Guido is still walking the Earth, just spotted him hassling a record store clerk for Cowsills records. "Cow-thills you hump!" -Ryan W.

I consider The Mummies to be the Ramones' first album, and the current "garage-punk" bands to be a generic thrash band on Mystic Records circa 1985.
Ummm I have the Wild Breed Shimmy Hunt single from '89 and it's nowhere close to Solger or the Mummies. Devereaux claimed it was awesome, he was wrong.

I definitely want to expound on the live bands of this era.

I saw them all, more than twice. Except the Electric Frankenstein, cause they were from the East coast and sucked.

Actually, in the 90's punk/diy/noise era everyone that wasn't in the Austin/Phx/San Diego crescent or the SF/Portland/Seattle one, well they did not suck. Oh or the Japan/France/England one. PS The No-Talents Lp on WILD WILD was pretty awesome but they were even better live. But NY was the most laughable, they had the old people form the Devil Dogs and the lame ones from teh Stallions. Once shitty bands like the Brides chimed in from Chicago, we all gave up and started having wives and children and hating music.

BTW, has anyone mp3'ed the AWESOME Screenz CD from Tucson?
so barry, jay reatard is sort of jeff dahl?
Too bad I missed this, but enjoyed reading about it anyway!

I helped Tom Guido start the Fuzz Club in 1989 or so, can't remember which one of us came up with the name but let's say it was Tom.

I had a lot of fun, but the drinking took it's toll, and lugging my vcrs back and forth to Morty's in North Beach.

That's where Driving Wheel were recorded for the Live at the Fuzz Club 7" green vinyl ep with 6 other groups on it.

I've never heard that one either but was there the night Driving Wheel played, it was great...
I asked Tom after the show if I could get a tape someday of that one...
the only time I ever asked a stupid question like that - like, as if Tom would make a tape of a live show and give it to anyone!

So, it's amazing he did finally put out a few eps.

Not just that he got it together to sort through boxes and boxes of unmarked tapes and stuff, but that he released anything that close to his vest.

You're lucky you got ahold of some of those!
Tom is a fucking fool and mean spirited-Fuck Him.
I have put several wild breed songs on a CD if anybody is interested. I am currently living on the big island of Hawaii. My E mail is

Sincerely yours

David Nudelman
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