Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Hot Corn Girls - Hot Rod Corn Girl

The Hot Corn Girls Hot Rod Corn Girls EP (Singles Going Everywhere, 1994)

"Then there were the hot corn girls, pre-Civil War New York’s twisted, virgin-whore fantasy. These were teenage girls, always barefoot, wearing trademark, calico shawls, and selling ears of fresh-roasted corn—and sometimes themselves. They sang plucky little verses at the passing men who pitied them, and wanted to protect them—or to buy them..." so writes Kevin Baker. Our Hot Corn Girls were also a New York City product, but one about 150 years advanced. Their plucky little verses are nonsense and what they are selling only they know. Members also did time in The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Murphy's Law, and the Chimpanzees. The band was fronted by Bob Limp who might or might not be related to this Bob Limp (worth looking at either way). After this seven, they did an album called Look at My Bum. -SS

Hot Rod Corn Girls
Maggot Fiesta

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