Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disasternauts - Backbone

Disasternauts Backbone 45 (self-released, 1998)

Mystery meat time folks, it's the Disasternauts 45! No label, no sleeve, only that Portland, OR address. And two great, no, fucking definitive late 90s punkeroos that are a mashup up everything that appeals out of the Devil Dogs/New Bomb Turks/open-collar vest school of "wide stance" garage rock. I know a little about the genesis of this thing: Portland roots, played around town in the 97-98 date range, didn't tour anywhere, had a planned sleeve but never got around to it, record never distributed beyond one-on-one handoffs and a now-defunct OR-based online mailorder. Beyond that scant whispering, only the songs serve as the band's headstone, which is as it should be. Beee-hold... -Ryan W.

My Dad's the Heat

nice one
Yeah, this is really cool. The twangy riff on the a-side is particularly great. Can't beat the non-existant packaging/distribution angle, either.
uh i hated this one, actually i never listened to it, but i had to become a vegan for an awful woman, because no way I could pay full rent and buy records off e-bay, you do know my friend Heath Heemsbergen bought me off an ex-gf with a rings 45? I was feeling full of myself at this point, and demanded a Psycho Surgeons 45 on the restriction of my friendship, It did not work out for some reason.
interior, crocodile, alligator/
I drive a chevy movie theater.

plz post all demolition dollrods songs NAO.
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I think a new post is in order...
"My Dad's the Heat" was my favorite track on back when they let users post their own songs. THAT WAS MY JAM!!!
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