Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Decibels - s/t

The Decibels s/t EP (G.I, 1997)

Note perfect power pop from a note perfect band. The Decibels were Dean Seavers' late 90s power pop vehicle and a perfect follow up to his just-as-good prior venture, The E-Types. The few times I saw the Decibels, I thought they were a tad too clean. But I was trapped in the bowels of lo-fi and didn't really get it. The Decibels were all about clean, from their tidy image to the choice of songs to cover. I mean, who but the neatest of the neat cops tunes from the Association? While I might have been blind to these guys, others weren't. Screamin' Apple out of Germany released a fine LP and I believe they even made it over to Europe and Japan a couple times. Great record, get it while it is still easy to find. Here are three of four. --Scott S.

Damn they're good. Thanks for preserving this era' obscurities.

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Great songs.
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