Monday, November 19, 2007

The Twerps - Amnesia

The Twerps Amnesia EP (Great Skott!, 1993)

The opening drum beat of the Twerps' "Don't Beat Me Up" might sound fey and inept, like a bunch of pale, skinny nerds
feckless playing poppy, no-fi, Ramones riffs, but ain't that the point? I spent plenty of evenings in the 90s, watching bands like the Twerps, the Bananas, and the Four Eyes slop out a crowd of eager teen geeks. I don't think any of this stuff ever got lumped into a subgenre or movement or anything like that but I do know that the Secret Center label was home to many of these bands, most of whom appeared on one of many of SC's great cassette comps. I am pretty sure the Twerps, from relatively near by Santa Rosa, appeared on at least one SC comp. I am also sure that I saw them once, but I am not sure if it was in a basement, at the Loft, or in some library near San Jose. Whatever the place, I do remember that they sounded pretty much like this record. No frills, straight, to the point, teen punk rock. -Scott S.

Yup saw a million bands like this too. Most ranged from bad to unwatchable. But the good one are to be preserved...

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