Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ye Ascoyne d' Ascoynes - Just the Biggest Thing

Ye Ascoyne d' Ascoynes Just the Biggest Thing EP (Hangman, 1992)

Just when ya think you know everything about the Billy Childish diaspora, you realize you don't know nuthin'. That's what I felt when I discovered this hidden gem back in the mid 90s, calmly lurking in the used bin for $2. I feared it would be another of Billy's anonymous side projects dominated by one-string mandolin, a lemon rind in both cheeks and plenty of Olde Angle-Land-isms, but instead it's actually a Bruce Brand (Milkshakes) moonlighter with mucho vim to spare. Verily, both sides register as essential as any pukka Childish/Headcoats product from the same era, additionally evidencing the sort of world-weariness one associates with prime-era Subway Sect (OK, perhaps if they had been obsessed more with the Who than the Velvets).

It's a one-off folks, sadly. And for the record, not all Childish side projects are wearisome, just track down that Jack Ketch LP if you can. Yowsa. -Ryan W.

Rad - I love this single! I found it in an awful thrift shop in London along with a bunch of other 90's singles. It looked like someone's mum got tired of looking at the box in the garage. The newish band I'm in covers Heaven Knows.

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