Tuesday, September 04, 2007

VooDoo Boots - Bulb Japan Rock Series #1

VooDoo Boots Bulb Japan Rock Series #1 7" (Bulb, 1998)

The Massachusetts label Bulb gave the 90s a lot of great records. Bridging the world between garage punk and art damage, they released records by The Bunny Brains, Quintron, The Monarchs, Demolition Doll Rods, Wolf Eyes, and the King Brothers. I believe it was the Brothers King that briefly turned their attention toward scouring Japan for the more obscure of the garage punk world. I am guessing that is that momentary focus that brought about this VooDoo Boots single, the first and only record in their Japan Rock Series. Taken from a two track recording, this single shows that behind Teengerate, The Registrators, and the 5-6-7-8's there were plenty of one off's, side projects, and never beens making good music. That shouldn't be surprising to you 90s punk fans, Nipponophiles, and loyal Static Party readers. And it is here you get the obligatory complaint that the damn Japanese are too fucking stingy with their music. I am ever so thankful that labels like Estrus, Planet Pimp, Rip Off, SFTRI, Bulb, and Crypt were able to sneak into the brief window that the Japanese left open in the mid-90s. Without that openning, plenty of bands would have gone unlistened to in the West. But Damn Them Japanese for shutting the door. We are lucky that Mr Wells has gone through the effort to get Japan only pressings of bands that still remain obscure. He got the records that you've seen posted here with lots of effort, expense and a bunch of persistence. But he's only waded ankle deep. There are tons of records we over here in the US never have seen and even more bands that we have never heard of. This VooDoo Boots record is a case in point. When this was recorded, I don't think anyone thought of releasing it. The band split, the singer going on to Gasoline. Bulb somehow got the recording, probably through the King Brothers, dug it and pressed it. I've never found out the song titles, as the label is blank and they aren't listed on the sleeve. Maybe Bulb didn't know either. But the record is a good one, especially song number two. And you know that this is just a fragment of an underground past that we probably will never hear. Arghhhhh!! --Scott S

Such a fucking great record! I really wish Bulb put out more shit like this. This 7" shines above everything else on the Bulb singles comp. It isn't even close.
Wow, what a great record!!! Never heard of it before! Thanks for workin so hard to find these obscure Japanese records from the 90's. Great to know that the surface has only been skimmed when it comes to em. Gimme more!
Bulb was from Ann Arbor, Michigan
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