Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pretty Girls - The Kids are All Fucked

Pretty Girls The Kids are All Fucked Ep (Moo-La-La, 1999)

Color me prejudice, call me an egomaniac: This record is not only from Sacramento but I put it out...and it is great! Some folks will say that it is a fantastic record despite its geographical origins and my involvement; others - mainly me and my mom, though I don't think moms has rocked to the Pretty Girls - would say that it was a good thing I was involved because no one else was gonna corral the feral cats that were the Pretty Girls. Okay, maybe someone else would have or maybe the band would have done it themselves. And if I am to get a few slaps on the back, let them be few because my role in this one was limited to the nuts & bolts of putting out a record, something any monkey can do. The songs (save one), playing, and recording were all done by what was even then a Who's Who of Sacramento punk rock. First off, the figurehead and creative spout of the band was guitarist Tristan T., last of the Yah Mos, Los Huevos, & the Boulevard Park Trio. Tris was joined by another former Yah Mo, singer Mike T and Mike's former bandmate in Crash & Britney, guitarist Hoi. And then the rhythm section which ranks as Sacramento's 90s best, fresh from Los Huevos, Jason P. & Woodhouse. Take Woodhouse and his 4 track to record them, a whole mess of drugs & booze to fuel them, and a unhealthy dose of band fights (both in the band and against other groups - Take That! Loose Lips!), and you get one dirty stew of ungh! Live these guys were unstoppable, at least for a time, and this record merely hints at the damage they could do (though there is another recording that got snuffed by the band, two songs that I would very much someday love to release, that are so exciting that they'll make you bald!). This line up of the Pretty Girls was full of too much chaos for it to hold together for too long. I think it lasted about a year before Woodhouse bailed. Mike followed. With a new front man, the band's sound shifted. They released a CD. The band split for good. Woodhouse & Jason were to get together again (in different roles) in the FM Knives. Tristan & Jason later formed Lyme Regis. And so it goes.

You get three songs out of four. Two are originals. One is a swell cover of the Shadows of Knight's My Fire Department Needs a Fireman.

This record was released in a pressing of just 300 right at the height of the vinyl glut. It took about 3 years to sell out the pressing. I sell all but a couple off. - Scott S.

I accidentally sneezed into the guy from Loose lips with the Ramones hair-do's drink that same night that I bought this record.
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