Monday, August 20, 2007

The Dirtys - It Ain't Easy 45

The Dirtys It Ain't Easy 45 (Italy, 1998)

From Detroit comes an absolute ripper of a record and why be surprised? For a couple years David Italy had one of the best, if not the best record labels going. He put out the first couple White Stripes singles and, no matter what you think of them now, those two records are great. He did a few things by Detroit mainstays The Henchmen, when they were pretty much lost in the late 90s garage band glut (and didn't deserve to be). He released a great one by Static Party favorites, The Fells. And he did the legendary, seminal Clone Defects single, Scissors Chop, not to mention the Lizard Boy 7". I think there are two out of 12 Italy releases that I don't like and that is as good of a track record that anyone has had. In the majors Italy would be batting .833.

So here is Italy Records 002 and it is a fucking ripper! The Dirtys It Ain't Easy, featuring Gories/Dirtbombs Mick Collins on guitar, jumps out of the grooves like a Gaunt song, but it is nastier, meaner. The flip, Fuck, is so aggressive it would make Blag Dalhia cower. One Dirty is dead, another one unaccounted for, and two are in the Luxury Rides. - Scott S.

Umm, actually I bought this one when it came out, listened to it twice, din't tape, and filed it away. "It Ain't Easy" has survived a bit better over the years, if only cause they kinda take a motorhead riff and play it New Bomb Turk style. ANd actually, when listening to "Fuck" I thought about the Dwarves (without looking at yr actual rundown,) and thought it was the Dwarves without that kinda Minor Threat tightness that made them at least interesting.

Srsly, time to add the Barely Legal 45.
Marc's not unaccounted for. It's just that no one will associate with him.

Luxury Rides were a one off band. Those two Dirtys are also in the Moonlight (for what it's worth)

Technically they were a Port Huron band (but they don't allow punk rock there much)
Apparently whoever wrote that post about no one wanting to associate with Marc Watt is a complete moron. In that [rock] lifestyle, things can rapidly spiral out of control. Besides, no one else lived his life. How many past geniuses whould we have lost because at one point they lost themselves. I've never met anyone with the kind of love Marc had for music. I wish he'd get back into it.
Michael, Brother of Marc
HA HA. Sorry I dont sit around in my basement smoking shitty pot and drinking 40's of Mickies anymore. Its called growing up and taking care of your family. If the 4 people you hang with (no doubt retelling your "Jack White looked at me story" over and over) counts as "nobody" you are more pathetic than i could have ever imagined... You can have Port Urine all to yourself bozo. enjoy. oh and by the are welcome for the coattails I and the rest of my band provided for ya.....Get a clue you talentless dick.

---Marc Dirty
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