Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Skinned Teen - Karate Hairdresser

Skinned Teen Karate Hairdresser EP (Soul Static Sound, 1993)

Perhaps you are "aware" of Skinned Teen via their split LP with Raooul on the Lookout Records label, but who are we kidding? You aren't. It's perfectly understandable as way too many terrible 90s records and bands somehow got the Riot Grrl tag applied to them, and that could've been the kiss of death all by itself depending on your personal predilections. These UK birds were tarred with that selfsame brush, and "More's the pity" as their Dad's might've grunted (they were also, like super young teenos def still livin' with the folks), as it probably inhibited the grokking of how good Skinned Teen actually were. Listen to that first track from this EP, and it's like UK Summer 1979 all over again: Refreshing, sporty, snotty, non-preachy musical energy that springs at your senses like last night's fish 'n chips splattering the floor. There's no way these grrls had heard of the Petticoats in their pre-download age, but just maybe the Slits...Anyway, top shelf effort from the UK that's a lot more engaging than any Huggy Bear product I've heard so far. -Ryan W.

Great single! Skinned Teens finest moment (for me) was the song "Secrets" from the "some hearts paid to lie" 2 x 7" followed closely by "Nancy Drew" on the "Battle of the Bands" 7" on Super 8 and "Dance all Night" on the Elastic Jet Mission comp.
wonderful wonderful ... and yep, I have got the split LP and sometimes wondered what the hell had happened to these gals ... I still don't know what happened to them but at least I've got a bit more music ... thanks for the post.

i´m on my knees!

Good Job! :)
Could you repost this one? I'm just gettng into them now!
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