Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Drags - Trailer Park Family

The Drags Trailer Park Family EP (Devour, 1994)

Not to be confused with the more well known Drags from Albuquerque, this four piece hailed from Citrus Heights, California, a suburb of Sacramento. The label is from Boston. I am sure that dollar bins of Northern California and Eastern Massachusetts are familiar with this record. Why? Because three out of four of the songs on it either are mediocre or outright suck. The last one, however, is a nice piece of bar-chorded hate, which sits fine by itself. The catch is you have to suffer through the title cut, Panu the Drunk Hindu, and Bowlegged Baby to get to You're so Ugly. The titles should tell you that these guys weren't big on deep thought. The photo on the back of the typical beer drinking sub-punks fronted by a long-hair in a Ramones t-shirt firm up that impression. Saw these guys live a couple times and they were moronically good. Frontman Honeyboy Wilson (AKA Jason Dancer) later turned up in The Infections, of Rip Off Records fame. This is from their second 7". --Scott S

After the Drags, a coupla Drags formed a band called Sewer Screw which released a cassette album and two 7" EPs before bassist Mark "Ribcage" Murray presumably retired from music to focus on his gore movie fascination (he made a zine devoted to it). Sewer Screw was strictly DIY, so they may only ever pop up in used bins 'round here in Sacto, but for music so steeped in the music of Ministry, it was really good. Sewer Screw only consumed the redeemable parts of Ministry and pushed the metal shreds and vocoded vocals right off the plate. It sounded like Poison Idea with a drum machine and slasher movies samples which fit right in during the powerviolence fad, and as far as drum machines go. If anyone's got the tape, I need that! These Drags also had another 7" on a French label which included another refreshing two-chord slice of stupidity, "I Wanna Be a Carnie."
Let it be known, no members of the Drags were involved in the formation
of Sewer Screw. Sewer Screw was a two man outfit, the brainchild of
Shane (Identity Crysis, IGD) with all guitar and bass duties performed
by Greg (Anal Babies, After Dark Club) Johnson. There were four demo
tapes (Ultradick, Screw Unto Others, Regular Sized Monster, and
Evilseed) and three 7 inch eps (Paradice Slaves - 1000 black, Ultradick - 200
red, Life and Limb - 500 black, 200 white). Rick and Mark of the Drags
only filled out the live sound at shows with guitar and bass
respectively, they were never involved in the creative process. Have a nice day.

-killing face
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