Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ford - s/t

Ford Friendly 45 (Black Jack, 1992)

The four chicks that make up Ford are pictured on the back sleeve, hanging out in a backyard, in t-shirts or flannels, one sporting a Slayer cap. If the name Ford doesn't stink of grunge, that picture certainly does. Yet, though Ford has a tad of the metallic sludge and Stoogeisms that infested grunge, these ears hear more early 80s artcore ala Husker Du's Statues, Blight, or Saccharine Trust in these dames sound. Aided by being just good enough to pull their songs off but not good enough to wank, these Frisco gals manage two fine songs.

Ask me about Ford in the Nineties and I'd have to plead ignorance. So close to Frisco I was but word from that town regarding "all girl" bands was about the Mudwimmin and Tribe 8, both who failed to deliver anything as good as Friendly. Ford would have remained unknown to me had it not been released on Black Jack, the excellent label of Monoshock's Scott Derr. Proof that paying attention to certain labels will get you to forgotten gems of an era. --Scott S

I believe the great Carolyn K. served time in Ford, didn't she?
You guys must be getting desperate to resort to include us. Yeah, that is me Carolyn Keddy. Was I wearing a t-shirt or a flannel? I know I wasn't wearing a hat! Wow! I haven't listened to this in a looong time. I think we sound much more riot grrrl than I remember.
Ford/Floored were always a treat -- my friend and I still occasionally talk about the one time we saw them play the Satyricon. Definitely an underestimated mess of a band willing to try whatever (and all of that is good).
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