Sunday, May 27, 2007

Slant 6 / The Make Up

Slant 6 / The Make Up split 7" (Time Bomb, 1995)

Washington DC is one of America's legendary punk rock cities. Though there was a pretty great weird/DIY punk scene in DC/Baltimore/Bethesda in the late 70s, as every school child knows, it twas hardcore that made DC important for more than being the Belly of the Beast. When hardcore faded, the DC underground pioneered what was to be known as emo. And then there was Fugazi, one of emo's early icons but so much more to legions of youth. It is really too fucking bad that with all that history, the legacy of pioneering punk, Washington DC of the 90s was unable to turn out many truely memorable punk bands. In fact, I'd go so far to say that of DC's 90s punk bands only Nation of Ulysses (and various spin-off), Bratmobile (if you count them as being from DC), and Slant 6 produced anything worth listening to a decade or so later.

Slant 6 were three women who had a good punk sound, lasted for a couple years, out out one really really good album (Soda Pop Ripoff), one okay album and a single or two. The cut here comes from a split they did with the Make Up, a spin-off of the Nation of Ulysses. Say what you will about the Make Up and what you will say will undoubtably be based on what you think of their front man, Ian Sevonius. Me? I think they guy is one of the great punk entertainers of the era, a guy behind a successfully done, high concept punk band (NOU) who made three fantastic records. He did a great little single as the Cupid Car Club (posted here some months ago), and then formed a "soul" punk band, the Make Up. I saw the Make Up live once and all their failings (weak rhythm section) was more than made up for by Sevonius's skills a lead dude. Their records never lived up to the live act and their side here is not excpetion; HOWEVER, Young Vulgarians is still a keeper, especially for fans of Sevonius. --Scott S

Yuck, this is probably my least favorite posting that you've done on the site (and I like 90% of the stuff you've posted over time). But I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure.
seems like thered be a million other records from the 90's to hit this site before this...i mean the slant 6 song i recall being just a song from soda pop lp with reworked lyrics. i dunno
slant 6 is thee best! gracias!
i agree completely and would also say that the makeup's rhythm section got better and better over time. their last couple records were really impressive actually.
ha! to hell with these idiots! That's a great 45 and you are right to post it.
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