Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nervobeats - Carjackin'

Nervobeats Carjackin' EP (In the Red, 1991)

Strange to think back on the utter profusion of garage-type labels that littered the landscape of the 90s, some of them putting out world-class shit on a regular basis and others just sort of dog paddling in circles. If I had to sit down in say 1993 and try to separate out those labels that would still be dinking around 10 years later I don't know that In The Red would have been one of my picks. I mean, they were largely a singles-first label at that point and CDs were getting pretty crucial and they didn't have the Rip Offs or Teengenerate or the Devil Dogs in the stable, ya know? Just a bunch of 45s by obscure little bands like the Dirty Lovers, or the Nervobeats.

But In The Red was tricksy. It's records like this one by the Nervobeats that laid the foundations for the global rock empire they have since become. To look at the goofy cover and the lack of all-star rep within the ranks would give some pause, but it turns out this thing is one of the more underrated garage EPs of the early 90s. All four tracks switch it up with actual songwriting talent combined with perfect 'period' production chops to really deliver on that presumed lack of promise. I mean, I passed this record up a half dozen times before I finally pulled the trigger at some online mailorder a few years back and I'm glad I did. See it, snap it up. Then you get the other two tracks. In The Red, of course, dusted the competition and even survived passing on the first White Stripes record to lay some of the best rock 'n roll records of the last ten years on you and I. Actually, I had $10 on them to outlast Estrus and it looks like I'm winning.

This is the only EP these lads waxed under this name, although two members later show up in Rocket 455, another worthy that might make it up here later this year. -Ryan W.

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Somehow this recorded ended up on a jukebox at a working class bar called the Roche in Port Huron amongst Billy Squier, Patsy Cline and 'Born To Be Wild'. No one's to sure how it got on there. Even when I talked to guys in the band they were like "What?" They had no idea either.
I've been looking for this record for years. Still surprised I haven't come across it in a $.99 bin.

I have a 7" comp these guys were on with Crankpin, Glen Rustles...and...Wobbletest, that's it. On Uprising records. Not all that great of a comp, but the Nervobeats song was good enough to make me want to find what else they'd done.
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