Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hung Dover

Hung Dover EP (Very Small, 1993)

If you know anything about 90s punk rock, you probably know the name David Hayes. Co-founded Lookout Record with Larry Livermore, responsible for bringing in much of the talent that made the label a legend, walked away when he felt too perved out by Livermore, started up Very Small Records and put out a lot more records, including some great compilations (and a load of Sacramento bands). Meanwhile Lookout was making bank for Larry. Though David was to see none of Lookout's riches he soldiered on, putting out records in a half drunk/totally DIY way. Then one day, he said "Fuck it. I am through with records, the Bay Area, everything." He packed up and either moved to Florida or Spokane or Vegas - I am not sure where he wound up first, but his kiss off was this record of scraps that his label hadn't used. (About a year later, David got bit again by the record label bug and started Too Many Records...)

Here you get Stockton, California's Captain 9's & the Knickerbocker Trio, Sacramento's Pounded Clown, and Portland's Elmer (there are also tracks by the Horny Mormons & 3 Finger Spread, but you can hunt those down yourself). Capt. 9's were one of the best meat & potatoes garage punk bands of the time. Over a couple recording sessions they produced enough for three classic records. Pounded Clown were a Sacramento institution. They had a horn section, were influenced by the Dickies, were one of the most fun and most bizarre live spectacles, and served as an incubator for bands such as Cake, the Lizards, and Los Huevos. Elmer was the late great Jim MacLean's cow-punk band. Jim was formerly of Sewer Trout.

I think David only made a few hundred of this one and gave them out to friends and supporters.

People need to get the very small records - 'faux pas potpourri' comp. It's like an overview of the 2nd half of the labels history. It's really good. I find that pounded clown song stuck in my head CONSTANTLY - it's so catchy!
Wasn't Captain 9's from Pennsylvania?
Capt. 9's were originally from Williamsport, PA (home of ShopVac and Little League World Series, I believe). Members lived in various cities, including Stockton, CA and NYC and they got together for practice/shows during Xmas visits to PA...

--snizz sombrero
very small had alot of great records....too many was good, but sorta pushed the schizo label direction into completely forgettable. ya gotta respect a guy for continuing on,,, it could just be that alot of that stuff was so specific to the time that it didnt age well for my ears.
The capt 9's song on xeroxica (mokeysuit i think) and the rip off lp are my faves.
You can get David's story (via a complete Very Small/Discos Poquitos/Too Many discography) here:
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