Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oblivians - Go! Pill-Popper!

Oblivians Go! Pill-Popper! EP (Drug Racer, 1996)

Here's an impossible task: Pick the best Oblivians 7". Looking at the list - Call the Shots, Trio, Now for the Hard of Hearing, Static Party, Go! Pill-Popper!, Strong Come On, Kick Your Ass - it is quite apparent that these guys did not turn out any crap. Eenie meenie minie moe - I grab Go! Pill-Popper! which is just as well, as it is my favorite. I like the crazed distance this one has. It reminds me of the Cramps live version of Hurricane Fighter Plane, which might just be what they were going for. I got a hold of Eric Oblivian and this is what he had to say:

Oblivians had promised Henry Owings (now of Chunklet "EVERYTHING'S OVERRATED" fame) a single since he had recorded that Live In Atlanta record or something. We were due to go to Europe and he kept bugging us about it so we went in to record a single like bo diddley or some 60s rockers woulda done it... a one minute rocker on one side and a "Part 2" on the flipside. We'd been working up "Pill Popper" as some blatant Cramps/Ramones ripoff thing that had kinda gotten its own momentum the more we did it. (Speaking of one-chord songs, we used to play "We're The Doll Rods," too. Goddamn. Stupid.) We did it straight to reel to reel in Greg's girlfriend's back house/garage where we practiced and thought it turned out pretty good. We also did Larry Williams' (co-written by S. Bono!) "Teardrop" that ended up on the Best Of the Worst comp (we liked that, too, but never figured out a place to get it on a record before the comp.) Anyway, we thought "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" sent the tapes out to Henry, and headed off to Europe to shlub around. Henry got the songs, thought that no one would want a single that was a total of two minutes long, and added a live take of the song that someone had recorded while we were on that tour. We got back from tour and got the singles and there it is, two versions of the song but not the way we meant it to be. I guess it's all right, but we wanted it to be one thing and it ended up being different without our say-so, and we were kinda bummed. Glad you like it. --Scott S

Back in the mid-90's these fuckers showed up and much like Teengenerate, did not do a fucking thing wrong, except have anal sex in a Tucson shower, but that is better than the Royal Pendletons leaving crabs on a couch. I remember Halloween crap maybe '95 or '96 at the Tucson Hotel thing, one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen. Funny thing is this blog never mentions the Makers, they were fucking awesome at a time.
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