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Firewood - s/t

Firewood s/t 7" (Robber Baron, 1997)

I am 100% positive that the 1990 vinyl boom to glut resulted in hundreds of records like this. Firewood's one and only EP rides the line between punk and Pavement-like indie rock and, aside from a few college dejays and their friends, it is totally unknown. In fact, I live 15 minutes from where it was made (me = Sacramento, Firewood = Davis) and I didn't know the record existed until one Mick Mucas played a cut on his radio show. I happened to show up early for my show and heard it. He told me who it was and that Firewood was from Davis. I asked if he knew how I could get the record. He said that the band was two brothers and one of them has most of the pressing in his closet but wouldn't part with any. Mick had an extra copy himself so he gave it to me. Subtract the Mick part of the story and think about what I just wrote: There are hundreds a very good if not great records still out there waiting to be discovered. However they are not 60s garage punk, 70s KBD punk, or 80s hardcore. Those holes are, statistically speaking, fished out. Nineties punk has not. -Scott S.

What a shame that so many people never knew about this piece of Davis rock'n'roll history. Some other details your readers oughta know is that Firewood are the Jeff and Matt Price, two Davis High Schoolers and former KDVS DJs who first hosted a program together in 1995 during the graveyard shift. They had the same taste in indie rock and then took well to suggestions which led them to 60's French pop and "Killed by Death" volumes. They also dressed alike, but they were not related. They went off to different colleges and called it a day about 18 months later. Firewood was most likely Davis Senior High School's greatest musical achievement.
Shit, the way-below-the-radar nature of this bugger isn't even funny. I've either lived in or been a baseball's throw away from Davis since 1983 and I haven't heard word one about this record... and I even DJ'd on KDVS from '83 - '97. Although I can't claim to knowin' all the folks who did their time in KDVS' wee hours (once upon a time known as the "potty training" shows). This here Firewood has a little something to burn, don't it? And the UK '79 post-punk sound with keys that I'm catchin' indeed hits the spot. As always, Scott, kudos to the fine archeological work. - Trouchon
Nice song! Yet another 90's record that I never heard of before! You guys just keep pulling out great obscurities from the recent past, rockin' site. I've been turned on to so many bands I missed out on in the 90's while I was too busy chasing down KBD-type records from the 70's and 80's.

- Tony in Chicago
Hey, I'm typing this on March 28th-- on the afternoon of the 27th, I went on Static Party and there was a track from a Japanese band (name?) up here with a full-color cover. But now it's disappeared- what happened? Unfortunately, I didn't get to listen to it before it went MIA.
Sorry, the sound files didn't work. Re-doing, should repost very soon. Rats.
Cool, I look forward to hearing em.
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