Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sexton Ming - Beastly Magnet

Sexton Ming Beastly Magnet (Little Teddy, 1997)

Sexton Ming's career has been shaded by a strange resistance to his charms outside the UK, even though I find his stuff to be far more palatable than Patrick Fitzgerald, to name one stiff working roughly the same artistic plane. I think people consider him a sort of sidekick to Billy Childish, a rascally perverted Igor to Mr. Childish's wild-eyed Dr. Frankie. And he's got all those spoken word, sorry, poetry, records to make the energy drink punkers rip the needle off. But there are tons of flat-out rockin' moments in the Ming discography, starting with his late 80s records in bands like the Mindreaders and Auntie Vegetable (mostly on the Hangman label) up to his cracker-jack garage rock LP Endless Discipline backed by the Diamond Gussets from 1993. All that shite is the shite.

Okay, here's an example on the Little Teddy label, two tracks from a four song EP. Great perverse lyrics, basic almost psych-garage riffage, a wavering bashing beat. And they are totally distinctive, whaddya know. Anyone working the garage-rock angle that can bring off sounding totally unique without stretching the form beyond recognition is doing something. You have my permission to skip his spoken word stuff, fine, live in a dull little bus station if you like, but his rockin' stuff is as good as anything out of the UK in the 90s. The keeper of the Vivian Stanshall flame, if you will. -Ryan W.

After hearing a crazy Jake Vegas track on WFMU last year, I was diving for the search engine and my introduction to Sexton began. Tracked down a few of his more recent LPs lately and this 7" you posted was right up to snuff! thanks guys, raj
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