Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gyogun Rend's - s/t

Gyogun Rend's s/t EP (No. 2 Records, 1998)

The clumsily-named Gyogen Rend's are not strangers to the more Japanophile punk/pop collectors who used to flip through the back of Doll magazine looking for new release information, something I haven't done in a long while. Heck, you can still pick up their Fish Eyed Soul LP on the Screaming Apple label from 2000 if your fingers are up for the typing, but you probably won't find this debut EP during that search. A snazzy little 4-songer in a typically beautiful full color sleeve, this came out on the No. 2 label (probably the band's own label, and also typical for the time, pressed up at a plant in the USA) around 1998 or so. It might have come out the year before, my kanji is nicht so gut. These are the two harder tracks, the others are a tad more trad but don't suffer for it.

There are lots more late 90s Japan-only 45s coming down the pike in 2007, they really hit an exhilarating peak for this kind of stuff back then. It's a shame they are too 'shy' to share nowadays. (note that the buzz that you hear is part of the original recording) -Ryan W.

Great!! I really dig these mid-to-late 90's Japanese records.

- Tony in Chicago
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