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The Cupid Car Club, M.P. - Join Our Club...

Cupid Car Club, M.P. Join Our Club... 7" (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)

This was one enormously popular 7" at the time of its release, enjoying props from both the garage rocker and Grrrl camps. The garage folks dug it for the hooks and the tunes, the Grrls for who was in the band, I guess. It's essentially a Nation of Ulysses (or the Make Up) lineup, with Kim Thompson of Delta 72 onboard. All the songs benefit from the tossed-off nature of the presentation, and since the Cupid Car Club wasn't intended to be anyone's 'serious' touring group there is a morbid playfulness on here that seems to be absent from NOU and their successor outfits. All the songs on it are, like, rad. So rad that KRS kept it in print continuously for almost a decade, so it shouldn't be too hard to track one down.

This was their only vinyl other than a song on the Rock Stars Kill comp. Usually there is some wicked rare cassette floating around with this kind of project...but nope. There is a fan site (!) for this band that you can visit if you are some kind of sickie: -Ryan W.

I always thought this was a pretty good record, but most critics with our kinda taste in raw garagepunk, etc., seem to be afraid to support anything that Ian Svenonius has ever done and therefore slag this record severely. This is the first time anyone with taste I trust has actually said anything nice about Cupid Car Club. Way to be objective a recognize a deserving record!
Awesome band. 'Child Custody Commandos' is hot!
Probably because he's so over the top phony that its tough to compliment any of his projects. However, this for me was the bestest rawest thing he ever had a hand in. I had a few live videos of them at one time, but all the same tracks from the 7 and comp.
Was he a phony any more than Iggy Pop, Johnny Rotten, David Bowie, Glenn Danzig, Alice Cooper, Dave Vanian, or anyone else who created a performance persona? Sure, there is an irritation factor involved with the guy but he had an intelligent act and is a great front man. NOU were a fantastic band. If the first two records bugged you check out the Embassy Tapes. I dont think he pulled off the Make Up, though the MU live were good, Ian being great in that role. I think recorded the band blew but that was do to one of the lamest rhythm sections he'd ever had backing him.
yeah, id say he was more phony...maybe not more than bowie, or rotten. the others on your list...Not sure why, but im able to suspend disbelief and think "hey maybe thats just how these guys are". theyre deal isnt quite as premeditated, or maybe for my money theyre just more talented. ian tho with every band is crystal clear this is his schtick this week....and this time with prince vocals!

nou were good, the best they did was the embassy tapes stuff and the track on fear of smell. They took some chances especially in those days, but i find those 2 albums near impossible to listen to now.

MU sorta blew live i thought, and that rhythm section couldnt be more soul-less.
JESUS! That was the friggin' point! James Canty played drums damn well in NOU and CCC, and Gamboa played bass. They decided to play foreign instruments for the Make Up and play FUNK (although with a Velvets bent), a music that is COMPLETLEY dependant on a mastery of rhythm. This isn't a mistake. And, really, if you compare their earliest singles (Blue is Beautiful / Type U Blood especially) to their final recordings, they progressed quite a bit. Though I love their messy early stuff better.

If you don't take them too seriously, they're actually a lot of fun.
ive never heard this album. but im really into nou and really lofi garage rock. and im a fucking fake as hell frontman for a band. and stuff.
one of the few records I can say seriously altered how I looked at music. At the time I was way into classic punk (dead boys, ramones, etc.) and oi, and not so much into garage, or even the whole DC thing.

But living in Oly I started going to more shows, and started buying records obsessively and really started to dig into the NW's own musical heritage... and in some way this record helped start it, along with some others at the time.
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