Friday, December 15, 2006

My Erotic Narcotic - s/t

My Erotic Narcotic s/t 7" (Nouveau Cliche, 1993)

Back to Seattle we go and once again another slinky, drugged out, fuck it all. What is shocking, at least to those of us in the Rob Vasquez Appreciation Society (AKA Static Party), is that Rob V. has nothing to do with this one. No matter this is still a really cool single.

We debated for about 2 minutes whether My Erotic Narcotic was "punk" enough to make it on Static Party or whether I should slap it on Crud Crud. Fuck it, it is dark enough, primitive enough to wind up here and there is an idiotic brilliance that says, to us at least, punk rock. Before you say otherwise, give these a full listen. The songs get better as they go (or at least more absurd). And listen to them a few times because they are growers. Beside how can you pass up lyrics like "Take you for a ride/down my slippery slide/to the surface of Venus/I'll show you my penis"?

I know nothing about the history of My Erotic Narcotic, though I do know that Ted Narcotic (AKA Ted Higgins), the vocalist, hosts a Seattle public access show, drives a cab, and suckers cute Asian girls to sing his songs. Bassist Kelly Kristjanson fronts a band called the Cunning Hounds.

decent record despite its obv. indebtedness to the vocal delivery of, say, jonathan richman by way of calvin johnson. it's worth at least three chintz devils 10"s.
we found a 7" from 82/83 also on nouveau cliche called "i like your tanline, baby" b/w "champagne rhapsody".

anyone have an more info on it?
Yes, I recorded "I like your Tanline Baby" may 1980. My backup band was called The Seattle News. It featured Kelly Kristjansen, and we just recorded an album right here in 2008. Back then I went by Ted Higgins but now I go by Ted Narcotic. Kelly and I and the rest ofthe band did surface of venus live at the offramp in '92 Thanks for asking.
I would like to add that Ted and his band here have many good songs. The new album has some good tracks and many, many of the older songs I have heard on the Ted Narcotic show on public access are very catchy.

Sometimes some of the more talented musicians don't go major label and if you don't take the time look into things like these you can really be missing out on some enjoyable work.
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