Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Invisible Men - s/t

Invisible Men s/t 7" (Estrus, 1994)

Listening to the Invisible Men reminds me of a time when you could buy any Estrus record and there was a 98% chance that it would be pretty good, if not an absolute smoker. Raw, catchy garage punk was the rule of the roost, the cock of the cafe, the big egg in the little hole. Then one day, the music took a second seat to packaging and the slide started. It was the Cocktail comp box that started to make me shy away from Estrus. That and the never ending Monomen records. Ah but I've come here not to bury Estrus but to praise it. Yup, smoking hot it was and one of those odd little burners was this Invisible Men 7".

Filthy Rich Kronis tells me:

Regarding the Invisible Men: There were two different bands using that
name around the same time. One made up of Zack and Donnie from the
Statics and one of the Fall-Outs (I'm pretty sure) and another that was a
few of the Bomboras dudes. The Invisible Men with Zack were the ones that
did the Estrus 7" you guys have on Static Party and the one on Rat
City, and that was it. They were just a fuck-around band while Zack found a
new bass player for the Statics after Diane left. The other (and far
inferior) Invisible Men did the records on Dionysus and other C-list
garage labels.
Stripped down, Billy Childish influenced garage punk is what you get here. No frills. Just shitty attitude and some fuzz. This was the second of three Invisible Men 7"s and probably the easiest to find. -Scott S.

Shannon from the Fallouts on bass and Tom Henneberry from Cement Bunny on guitar both lived in my shitty upstate NY town. Both friends of Tom "Dash" who also lived here while attending college. Enjoy those singles a bunch. Cheers, Philthy Rex
It should also be noted that that there are copies (maybe all of them?) of this record on INVISIBLE VINYL! Har har. -Rich
Yay! This was actually one of the first Estrus bits I bought as a conscious consumer of the label. Good post!
And to think I wanted to name the Tiki Men "The Invisible Men" instead. Not that the Tiki Men is an incredibly original name either!

I think I have this.

It should have been on clear vinyl and housed in a clear plastic bag. With no label.
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