Monday, November 13, 2006

Los Huevos - The Rebel Kind

Los Huevos The Rebel Kind 7" (Moo-La-La, 1996)

No fair. It's conflict of interest time, the charming vocals on this are courtesy the other half of this site. And about a year later this half put out an LP by this same band. I figure with the recent election results totally changing the face of the nation, yes that's right, forever and ever, a new spirit of 'coming clean' is in the air. I'm wearing a powdered wig as I'm typing this to a soundtrack of Marine Corps Hymns, and I fully expect all the conservative Democrats that just got elected to finally push all that socialization thru that's I've been harping on. You know, the freedom to shoot up openly in the park, that kind of thing. Hurry up, I'm sick of working for a living, too, I want a stipend. I'll even sculpt if I have to.

Anyway, Los Huevos were an institutional presence in the Sacto punk scene for a good long while, pretty much the whole 90s. Their first 7" is in the Very Small Records vein, so that's kind of 'eh', but then they got it on their second. This one, their 3rd EP, created a mini-stir in certain circles...okay, at the weekly music buyer's confab at the old Epicenter Zone record store. It was the tits for a solid month, and we sold scads of them to folks treading outside of their rigid genre ghettos, punkers and garage-types alike. That's crossover 90s-style, you know who else managed that? Bands like the Registrators and the New Bomb Turks, everyone was allowed to like them. And Los Huevos. They were into combining an early 80s hardcore (ala the SST-label Stains, say) with what would be called 'KBD' today, but back then was considered more of a distinctly Pagans-style attack. I think the tracks on this qualify as their high water mark considered as a single stand alone record, although there are devotees of their 7" on Goodbye Boozy as well.

Los Huevos got an LP out after this (your welcome) and then a couple more 7" before placing their photo on the wall of the Sacto Punk Rock Hall of Fame. There were many bands a-risin' from their ashes but the best known would have to be the FM Knives, who only put out the best power pop/rock 'n roll LP of the early 00's. -Ryan W.

Yep, they were good. They kept getting better and better.
Thanks, Static Party!
I loved this record. And I really liked Los Huevos.

One of my bands played the loft, Rob booked it through Scott. -- thanks for both!
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