Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Styrenes - Silver Daggers

The Styrenes Silver Daggers 7" (Thermionic, 1997)

I can't think of a punk rock singer with a better suited voice for the romantic, on-the-skids side of punk than Mike Hudson. Known mostly for his band The Pagans, Hudson had a "second act" with longtime Cleveland legends, The Styrenes. In the 90s, they did this 7" and an astounding album (We Care So You Don't Have To). Both are exactly what "adult" punk rock should be, musically and lyrically smart, something a bit more than I Hate This or I Feel Like Shit About This. Silver Daggers is a story book of all the crap you think about when the girl that you want slips through your fingers, that night, that time that seems so perfect and bam she's gone and all that is left is the memories, all those details you hold on to because you never really wanted it to end and the question, "Whatever happened to the letters that I sent her? Are they sitting in a box in somebody's basement?" Ever had one of those? - Scott S

Agree 100%. All the Wrong People are Dying was the best single (alright, 12") of the 90s...
Their version of Terry Riley's In C is pretty great.
All the Wrong People Are Dying is great. But Silver Daggers might just take the cake.
Great version of this song. By the way, Paul Marotta also worked with Cleveland protopunk legends The Electric Eels. You should check out their version on "The Eyeball of Hell" LP, recorded in 1975.
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