Monday, October 23, 2006

Spoiled Brats - Rich Kid

Spoiled Brats Rich Kid 7" (Real, 1995)

We put up the Supercharger 45 a while back, here is another early 90s Bay Area club classic, the last 45 from the Spoiled Brats released on some weird UK label. In general, you didn't hear much of the Bay Area first wave garage on 45s outside of the USA, this and the Rip Offs split with Teengenerate on Wallabies being exceptions. I always thought this record, along with the Fingers 45 on Bag of Hammers, was one of the most underrated 90s garage punk 45s. Elka, formerly of the Trashwomen, really cuts loose here on Rich Kid with the singin' and wotnot, and it also sounds like someone broke the piggy bank and fed quarters into the producer's soundboard like crazy because this thing is most definitely not lofi. Those are real, actual guitars bearing down on you!

This 7" originally came as a bonus with the Sooprize Package zine, we'll have a podcast of us reading the whole thing cover to cover so you can have the complete digital read on this package, sure, in the near future. Elka Zolot, where are you now, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you...-RW

I saw her in the Lower Haight a few months ago, and she sorta dresses like one of those Bratz dolls now.

Her daughter was an "intern" at MRR, I hear.
Last I heard she had some kinda cosmetics line or somethin'.
wow. I have this record. Wasnt this their 2nd 7 inch? Anyone have the first one?
We had more than two. I am the guy on the left.

Good to hear people actually listen to this stuff still

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