Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jumpin' Beans & the Moustaches / Somebody & the Somethings

Jumpin' Beans & the Moustaches / Somebody & the Somethings

Outta Peanut Butter / Long Haired Genius! 7" (no label, 1999)

I got hooked on Jumpin' Beans sometime in the mid-to-late 90s, when a flood of 7"s started coming out of a label called Ball, from Gardner, Maine. First there was Jumpin' Beans & Willie, then Willie got demoted to a Moustache and that's when Jumpin' Beans & the Moustaches started making records. Ball seemed to be a label exclusively devoted to Jumpin' Beans mania and then came a John Schooley record and one by Jumpin' Beans main man, Hasil Adkins. The Jumpin' Beans sound is pretty simple: Turn up the guitar and have some guy pound on the drums. Capture it all on a 4-track with everything pegged in the red. Do some covers like Memphis, Strychnine, and Born in the USA, along with Adkins inspired originals about hamburgers, milkshakes, and peanut butter. I devoured these 7"s and still think that Jumpin' Beans is one of the '90s lost gems. So much was I into Jumpin' Beans that I sent off to England for this split 7". Turned out that there were only 100 of these made, the songs hand written on the label, in ball-point pen. I've got no idea of Somebody & the Somethings are, but they do turn in a pretty great song. - Scott S.

No useful information to share sorry, but just in case it should appear that no one cares, THANKS for another killer!
i forgot to type when i dloaded it, but this was a scorcher. thanks cruds.
Thanks for this one, I think my 4 year old is now in some sort of shock. I told her I was going to play some dance music. :p
we gots a bunch of the jumpin beans & moustaches 7"s, as well as jumpin beans & willie 7"s over at that couldn't wrangle 'em for gonerfest 3... working on 4!
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