Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ape Lost - Drag Baby

Ape Lost Drag Baby 7" (Bad Vibe, 1994)

This is our first return visit to a previously posted artiste, and I have no problem at all with that being a Rob Vasquez-led band. Ape Lost were yet another of his short-duration bands that peppered the 90s, the Gorls being another worthy project for example (see you in 2007!). Ape Lost are perhaps the most blooze-soaked of his 7" from the 90s, a stutter-stop-stagger affair that reeks of Sunday morning hangover puke in the sink and a girl sitting on the couch who thinks you are taking her out to breakfast. You ain't. Now, this type of blues-grungy-punk style has been copied to death by Euro hacks on numerous toss-away 7", so you kind of have to peel off any residual memories of those efforts that you've been (over)exposed to in order to get at this kernal properly, kind of like Home Hacked Aesthetic Surgery. Don't cut too deep or you'll become immune to the Gories, you just want to be able to forget that stock distortion one-man band from, what was it again...? Yes, excellent!

Ape Lost managed just this one 7" and it is still floating around out there in the 'bins', yes 'bins', not 'crates'. -Ryan W.

Dammit, Rob Vasquez can really play the gee-tar! I think I could listen to him strumming in a rehearsal tape and be hooked! I have been listening to the Night Kings LP all the time for the past few months.

dig up the Man Tee Mans single too!
To the fellers who run this site:

Fine work on this site, but what about the A-side?

I put out this and a few other singles. Shoot me an e-mail at gusbot_5000@com(REMOVE_THIS) and we'll discuss putting a few other rarities in your mitts.


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