Monday, September 11, 2006

Supercharger - Icepick

Supercharger Icepick b/w Want It Bad 7" (Pre- B.S. Records, 1992)

Supercharger, the Holy Ones. Like the Motards post earlier, not much to say that ain't been said elsewhen. Just one of the best garage-punk 45s of the 90s, and really, what could you do to improve this? Play faster, no. More no-fi, no. Smarter or dumber lyrics, nah, you leave it alone. Oh, and about 200 bands put out singles trying to take some or all of this formula and graft it onto their garage take with varying levels of success (see ebay for how that played out in the end). I think Supercharger as, uh, *cough*, songsmiths, are quite underrated...

Supercharger got a couple of fantastic LPs out (their debut, released before they ever played a gig, is one of the five best of the whole 90s garage/rock 'n roll/punk thing/scene/clusterfuck) to bookend their 45s, which thankfully were not so plentiful as to ever allow for a dropoff in quality; they are all either good or great, buy them all. This here 45, like all Pre -B.S. label 45s, comes in both 'cut-out'-clipped and non-shorn editions, the snippers being the more plentiful on the ground. Bendover. -Ryan W.

Thanks for posting copy's been messed up for years. Scratched and stuff.

I'll throw a shoe over the fence and say this is their best release. Driven by nervous energy and a real passionate buzz that was never duplicated.

Not even on the Donny Denim 7".
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