Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gibson Bros. - Who's Black & Who's Not

Gibson Bros. Who's Black & Who's Not 7" (SFTRI, 1991)

There ain't anything I can tell you about this band that hasn't been written before. One of the only great punk bands to come out of the late 80s and, to me at least, the best thing to be born from the bowels of Columbus, Ohio. If you haven't heard either one of their first two albums, it is time for you to get hopping. Along with the Cramps, the Gibson Bros. are the best fusion of early rock & roll, "roots" music, and punk rock done yet, responsible for countless imitators, none of whom have ever come close to the godliness of the Bros.

Here main Gibsons Jeffrey Evans and Don Howland are joined by post-Pussy Galore Jon Spencer on noise guitar. A nice addition before Spencer's descent in jackass-dom. Also here is the best version of the Avengers' White Nigger ever done and that counts the Avengers version. For some strange reason hearing the words come out of the mouth of guys who have actually held shitty jobs and not a teenage punk debutante gives the song a little more heft (and before you soil your mittens, I'd have no one but Penelope sing America in Me or We are the One...)

Also count this as one of the best singles Sympathy for the Record Industry released. -Scott S.

really cool cover but not better for me than the "white nigger" version from Died for your Sins. i have heard two Avengers version of that song.. one isn't that good but the other really rocks.
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