Monday, September 04, 2006

Charm City Suicides - Green Blood

Charm City Suicides Green Blood 7" (Baths of Power, 2000)

Have you ever been to the Charm City? Don't know what it is? Baltimore. I am sure it has its charms for the folks who are willing to give it a whirl, but for the casual visitor, it is a nightmare. Take the downtown exit and you wind up smack in the middle of a ghetto. The streets are bare: Boarded up and fucked up house mixed with the corner liquor stores and check cashing joints. Hanging out on the corner are unemployed men of all ages. The poverty is Black as is most of the city. Go to the harbor and you will find a tarted up tourist district which is utterly charmless. The place is fucking depressing. Even the trendy college kids area seems bleak. No surprise these four miscreants named their band Charm City Suicides and front the kind of twisted noise that only pissed off, dead end youth are able to do. Plus it has the kinda thrown together quality that fellow Balto's Half Japanese mastered AND a touch of Saccharine Trust/New Alliance sound. This Suicides 7" came and went pretty fast. I believe only three hundred were pressed. A full LP followed, good but not as striking as this gem. --Scott S.

One of the greatest and unheard bands of the era. Live they were amazing too. Bursts of savant freakiness...Took everything they loved in music and really twisted it into something of their own.
wow. that was great. wasnt pink flamingos filmed entirely in baltimore?
Wow, intense EP that I never heard until now! Thanks for posting.
I am FROM Baltimore Scott, and it really isn't that bad.

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