Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Arch Villains - We Hate Your Ugly Face

The Arch Villains We Hate Your Ugly Face 7" (Sigma Phi, 1996)

In an earlier post below, I alluded to the "200 bands" that were utilizing the Supercharger stencil on their garage-punk sound to varying degrees of success. Well, here's a gang that used the equally paint-stained 'Mummies stencil', and to great effect sez I. Everything about this discus, from the raw-knuckled attitudinizing to the cheapo organ sound to the 'wham-wham...Whamwhamwham' drumming is pure 1990-era Mummies. So where is the bootleg volume of "Songs the Mummies Taught Us"? No point, since the Mummies primarly traded in taking quasi-known 60s garage songs and smashing them into their own template. The true Mummies 'schematic' is thusly a shoplifted bottle of Maker's Mark, pal.

The Arch Villains EP here is a numbered edition of 250, very hard to track down until I finally found it for $2 on my last road trip up to the NW. These guys were from Olympia, WA, according to the address on the back. I shows it my girlfrendo, an Olympian local yokel from way back, with a casual query as to where the street was located in town and she snorts "Psst, that address is out in the Evergreen College dorms, these guys must have been students." This dovetails nicely with speculation by other 90s garage sexperts that these clowns were actually operating on the belief that 90s garage was merely a Beeg Joke (unlike, ya know, 'real' bands like Butterglory or Scenic Vermont or Dead & Gone or Goober Patrol or what have you), and this is supposed to be a demonstration that 'anyone can do this stupid shit'. A putdown concept EP. Sort of like the tossed off b-side to a certain Freestone 45 titled "Bummer Bitch" that also seems to have handily subsumed the authoring band's contempt for their own creation. Takes all kinds, even slumming trust fund posers. All hail rock 'n roll! -Ryan W.

There are really 1000 pressed, just numbered as 250. There was, however, a "Halloween Release" cover edition for that particular show (25 copies???). These guys were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy into the Mummies, as you clearly can hear. Although spiteful and sarcastic as anything, at the time, it was not a 'putdown concept', but if its cooler to be, you could stick to that. Yep, 2 of em were Greener art students. All under 21 at the time of this band. Guitar player used to light himself on fire at shows, until a few 'gnarly burns' turned into quite a few 'really fucking bad burns'. I could tell you the bands they came from, and are in now, but then that kind of spoils the whole 90's mask thing.
Great 7"! I missed it when it came out unfortunately. I've been humming the tune "We Hate Your Ugly Face" for a few weeks now.

They were three people from a high school surf band called the atomic teen idols that kind of morphed into the arch villians. They were a really fun band live, my band played with them frequently, and even at various points has them fill in for our empty drum set from time to time.

they were not just "greeners" as they were all local yokels before two went to evergreen.

you should check out one of the members new band the hands out of seattle.
as an owner of this 7", and a native olympian, i can tell you that the 1001 cooper point road address is not actually an evergreen address, but that of a mailboxes etc. (by the taco bell on the west side).

these guys were for real and are all playing music in various other garage/psych projects. they were around 18 years old when this was recorded (1998, not 1996. I have the Halloween edition - it's more legible).

last saw this 7" in a record shop in Tacoma going for $20... worth it in my opinion.
those kids cought my house on fire. and they were in High school.
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