Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jetpack - In Charge

Jetpack Throw Down 7" (Mortville, 1998)

When I was a kid, the promise of the future was jetpacks and moving sidewalks. Well, I have both a Moving Sidewalks 7" and a Jetpack 7" so I should consider myself blessed, especially since I have this Jetpack record. Four songs that are above average garage punk, especially Throw Down, which is a 90s punk classic.

Jetpack were from the college town of Moscow, Idaho - a little hideaway up in the panhandle and a couple hours south of Spokane. Because of their remoteness, I never saw them play but I did meet them when they drove up to Spokane to experience Los Huevos among a crowd of five. And then I got to hear the demos that resulted in this record. They were great and had I been putting out records by bands other than those from Sacto, I would have jumped on this fucker. As it was Toby from the Motards did and great thing because otherwise these guys might have been just another great band that never gets heard out of their hometown. In the late 90s, Jetpack moved to Portland and put out a split 7". Then they broke up, splitting into the Flip-Tops and the Pills. -- Scott S.

This is one of my most coveted 7"ers. I love this record. I have that split, too. You can still find them in Missoula, MT (at least every time I go through there, there are a few in the racks). Met Joel and Co. in Moscow and have been a fan of every offshoot since. Great choice!

i really enjoy the flip tops but didn't know about this old band. true! Throw Down kick ass!!!
I remeber when Toby put this out. Shit was on fire. Everyone was snatching it up.
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