Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bend Sinister / Kent 3 - split

Bend Sinister / Kent 3 split 7" (Vague Vinyl, 1999)

Listen close to Bend Sinister and you can hear the seeds of the A Frames and there is a good reason why, subtract one member of Bend Sinister, give them a year, and, tra la la, the A Frames.

Wrinkles the Clown has the smart dumb song writing that the A Frames were to perfect, but it also has a relentlessness that you rarely hear in the A Frames. This is one riff pounded endlessly until it is time to end the song and then, four minutes in, some new chords and the thing falls apart with little flair. Wrinkles is a gem of a song and well worth tracking down. --Scott S.

Awesome, as befits a 'Frames precursor - many thanks for that. Anyone else notice the touch of "Slags, Slates etc"?
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