Sunday, July 02, 2006

Teengenerate - Sex Cow

Teengenerate Sex Cow 7" (Estrus, 1993)

Oh you know this one? Well, you fucking better. It is not only thee best Teengenerate 7" (based on the title song alone) but one of the top ten punk singles of the 1990s. It is for those reasons that this prime piece of puss is being posted. We will assume that you know the ways and whys and whats of this band and editorialize about just one thing: The completely fucked up sound of the lead guitar. The songs starts up and guitars riff away dirty and grindy, not grindy in a grindcore way but grindy as in grinding. The lead rips one off and drops out. A whole layer of sound disappears and when the lead comes back in you realize that the guitar sounds about three steps from death. Excellent. --Scott S.

While this single is great, their first single is their best. "Get Me Back" is just an incredible song plus the production is perfect.
Stellar single, of course, but "Plays the Kids" is my favourite single of the '90's by ANYONE. Pretty much the perfect punk record.
Brilliant! Really appreciate the way you guys are putting up benchmarks like this amongst the overlooked records. Look forward to more of these now and again! Would be interested to hear which New Bomb Turks side deserves the honour, for instance...
"Sex Cow" is a total monster but my fave Teengenerate song is their cover of The Kids' "This Is Rock n' Roll", which out rocks the original and hits you right between the eyes really hard. I was lucky enough to see Teengenerate here in Chicago at The Empty Bottle in November of '95 right before they called it quits. What a goddamn great show-- a few songs from it was released as a VML Live 7"EP. And I can hear myself yelling in the background on the live EP.
This band deserved better than Coop cover art.
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