Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Splayed Innards - s/t

Splayed Innards s/t 7" (Splayed Innards, 1996)

'twas sent this record unsolicited right when it came out. I figured the Splayed Innards guys sent it to me because they liked or were interested in Los Huevos so I sent them a Rebel Kind. I fell in love with this record the first time I dropped needle on it. It had a smart ass quality that spoke to me and the music sounded like these guys ingested that classic slab of early 80s Midwestern hardcore, Master Tape Vol 1. Listen to Social Retard and tell me that isn't so. Hell, listen to Social Retard and tell me these guys ain't fucking geniuses. "All girls hate me / And I'm really not a cool guy" is a great lyric when it is sung with the lack of energy that the Innards vocalist gives it. The guy has accepted his lot in life. So disinterested is he that the songs melody is never exactly the same. Finally, frustration kicks in and he feels his social retardation. Take Social Retard and mate it with five more songs of near equal greatness and you have one of my top ten 7"s of the 1990s. If you ever lay a hand on the record, check out the thank you's. They too have the same smart assness as the songs.

A year after I got the record, I started trying to track them down. Letters went unreturned. The internet was no help. There was one mention of them playing at an Iowa City record store, which no longer existed. It wasn't until my top ten of the 90s appeared in Maximum Rockandroll (along with a bunch others, in a feature put together by the other half of this blog) that I was to hear from an Innard. By then, most of them had moved out of Iowa City and on to other bands (for more on the band see Dave Hyde's piece in Terminal Boredom). I was able to get ten copies of the record, all of which I promptly gave away. -Scott S.

Your write-up in MRR came to my attention from an out-of-the-blue email from SI guitarist Jay, which was only 2 lines-- "Go to store and buy MRR. Turn to page XX and read. Jay." It was the nicest thing anyone who wasn't being payed ever said about the band!

Splayed Innards played in and around Iowa City for a couple years, around 95-97. They played their last show at a now-defunct bar sometime in the spring of 1997 with a mix of original and new lineup.

The EP represents about half the studio recordings the band did. Rumors of a reunion have been repeatedly denied. Guitarist/songwriter Jay remained in Iowa City and has played in several bands since; singer Brian lives in Minneapolis making tasteless short films, drummer Ian is in Austria raising an army to fight the Turks, and bassist James lives in Colorado in defiance of his vow to OD on skag as soon as the band broke up.
Some people say we wrote the song "Social Retard", but we actually wrote it because we were socially retarded. Hence unreturned letters, bad/nonexistent promotion, etc. Thanks Scott for saying so many cool things about us!
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