Sunday, July 16, 2006

Couch - New Friends 99

Couch New Friends 99 7" (Insignificant, 1995)

Nowadays, everyone who is digitally so-inclined can have their very own personal Top 40, all you have to do is suss out what you've played the most on the ol' handy hip-pocket mp3 music simulator: just toggle that switch. And with podcasting and other venues such as myspace its become a tad easier to get more exposure while the iron is still hot. But waaaaay back in the past, like the mid-90s, personal Top 40s were not so easily quantified. There was this element called chance, which is similar to hitting that 'shuffle' button, newbies. So when my friend A-Tone is constantly warbling "New Freeeeuuuunds ... uh, ninety-niiiuuuun!!!" at my place circa 1997 or so, I know I've got a closet Top 40 hit on my hands. Turns out it's this band Couch, a hot new act on the Bulb Records label, a band whose records I had casually flicked past at yer odd swap or indie store without snaring (back then there used to be good records coming out every week, it was a real challenge to stay focused). So I grab one pronto, and it gets some heavy rotation in my SF-standard 12 x 15 apartmental bedroom box. Now, it is your turn World, simply shove this into your Portableness and rock it at your cafe job over the sound system the day before you quit, perhaps you can continue the chain reaction. The goal is to make New Friends, and irony is OUT.

Couch had a couple more records, EPs and a split LP, and there was a handy comp CD floating around on the aforementioned Bulb label that is now sadly OP (as they say in the biz), since the label itself is now on 'extended hiatus'. The members served (and continue to serve) boldy in a number of other outfits, merely google "Marlon Magus" and "Velocity Hopkins" for more information there. Do NOT be fooled by "Couch of Eureka" on Lookout, they are headbutt-central BAD. -Ryan W.

Hey there, Static you have a digitized copy of this 7"? I looked for the link, but couldn't find it. I'm not player-hatin' or anything...I just want a copy for myself.

You can e-mail me at magas[at]


Marlon Magas
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