Friday, June 23, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll Class - s/t

Rock 'n' Roll Class s/t 7" (Hate, 1998)

Now, I finally get to disparage the Italians. What the fuck, dudes? What the hell happened after that early 80s punk and hardcore explosion, your entire country produced like five rock 'n roll bands that were any good over the next ten years and the only one that I can actually recall off the top of my head is the Starfuckers, so maybe it was just them. Fucking Yugoslavia produced more great rock during that time than you guys for chrissakes. FUCK!

But now it is time for Class. The Rock 'n Roll Class to be precise, one of the many Italian bands that started popping up in the mid-90s to rescue a national rep that had been bogged down under an avalanche of boomy industrial dance remixes, pop-reggae mediocrity and Amrep-styled riff bores wearing stupid spaghetti-western hats. These cats are channeling this One Band that immediately comes to mind: the Pack (kraut version). From the gravelly vocals to the primitive yet forceful guitar churn, this 45 exemplifies the return of a truly effective garage-level rock mentatlity to the Italian scene (and I don't mean all that limp noodling pansy-on-a-doily 60s psych 'garage' dressup stuff they were peddling in the early 90s). There are a bunch of other 45s that started coming out before and after this one, recs that will get the treatment later on. Let's just say that people who are on the fence about Taxi, well, their first 45 is a different animal.

I think this 45 is still available from the label that done released it, Hate Records in Italy, still very much alive and putting out some good reissues these days. -Ryan W.

Hey man, I'm Italian and I agree with you almost 100%, but sure there are (?) and were good rock'n'roll bands in Italy too, though we're not so good at playing Rock'n'roll in general in my opinion.
Anyway, here's a small list of quite recent bands that maybe you don't know. Check them out!

The Nerds

Thee S.T.P.


The Valentines

The Crooks

In general the whole production of
3Accordi Records

Also try to find out the first 2 7" of UFO Diktatorz
and the only 7" + album existing of another great band called

Keep up with your site, I love it!
Yeah, all those examples are recent, not early or mid 90s.

Except for UFO Diktatorz, who are gonna get the treatment later...

Ryan W
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