Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Millionaires - Return to the Island of the Robots

The Millionaires Return to the Island of the Robots 7" (Teen Patriot, 1995)

Welcome to the land of obscurity. You've been there already? Well, thanks for coming back. Here we have one of the Millionaires two 7"s. I've heard them both and this one is my fave. Meat & potatoes bar-chord punk of the kind slicked up by the New Bomb Turks. Take a bit of Saints, a lump of Misfits, shave off some talent, and run it through a wah wah peddel and you know the formula. While it's been done by many a bad band, the Millionaires are one of the few who chugged fine with it. One huge tipping point in their favor is their total lack of attention to high fidelity and perfection. This is rev it up and go of the variety that has nothing to do with Gearhead and everything to do with Fuck It.

I am told that when this came out there was a bit of a stir. Not because of the record or band, but because of the label. Looks like Team Patriot had the nerve/balls/lack of brains (depending on your political predilection) to announce that they were putting out a Johnny Reb 7" flexi. Johnny Reb is infamous for his racist rock & roll and country western and sings songs with titles such as Some Niggers Never Die (the just smell that way). Classy guy that Reb. Of course, sayigng you are gonna rub wax with a fella like Reb, even if it is a joke, will cause some distribution problems for a little label like Team Patriot, "The Leader in Post-Colonial Rock and Roll." The label pariah status probably explains why only 200 of this pup were pressed. Either that or they were cheap. --Scott S.

HAHA! I bought this record when it came out... but then again, they wrote a song about me.
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