Monday, June 19, 2006

The Four Eyes - Hat Nerd

The Four Eyes Hat Nerd 7" (Sacramento, 2000)

The first time I heard the Four Eyes was on the way home from a Los Huevos gig in Santa Cruz. I forget which show it was, perhaps the one in which we met the fabulous Oliver Brown and then went to a movie theater to watch the GG Allin documentary. Sometime that weekend they gave us a copy of their tape, Rock & Roll. We listened to it on the way home and fell in love. Stupid songs about being a nerd, but not just stupid, very well done stupidity. The music was sloppy and poppy, very much in the sound and spirit of Sacramento bands like the Bananas, Nar, Horny Mormons, etc. These guys seemed like they were Sacramentans. Soon they were playing in Sacramento more than in Santa Cruz. And in 1997 or so they finally moved to Sacramento. Since then they've pretty much been looked at as a Sacramento band, something that I don't think they mind at all, and something that actually fits, being that they've been a Sacto band much longer than they were a SC band. They put out one 7" (1995) of songs from the tape. Unfortunately they rerecorded the songs. After Come Prepared, the Four Eyes gigged a lot but other than cover songs, few new songs entered their set. Then one evening at the Loft, they pulled out Hat Nerd. People flipped. The song was probably the stupidest song they had done to date - A song about a guy who collects hats. The sloppy poppy chorus had every "Loft Fag" singing to him/herself for weeks on end. The song saw vinyl thanks to Sacramento Records. The song also so some life past vinyl. I was told that some elementary school kids with a in-the-know teacher did a skit to Hat Nerd, to which the Four Eyes were invited. --Scott S.

When the stripper came to Aaron Probe's bachelor party we convinced her perform her routines to the newly released "Hat Nerd." Over and over again because that song is very infectious.

When Aaron and Keri got married The Four Eyes played "Hat Nerd" over and over again. That song is very infectious.

Did anyone ever tell you that the song, "Hat Nerd" is very infectious. That's a fact, Jack.
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