Monday, May 08, 2006

The Yips - 1000% Fox

The Yips 1000% Fox 7" (Silt Breeze, 1995)

If anyone wants to fight over the claim that Silt Breeze was one of the best labels of the 1990s, come'ere and put on some gloves. I'll bop you til you are punch drunk. Ol Tom Lax there in Philly Town had (has) quite an ear. One of my favorite records he put out is the debut by this Columbus two piece. Containing alumni from Mike Rep & the Quotas, these two made two albums after this single, both being a bit "indie." But this little gem is a rockin' punker with a drugged out guitar. Some of you on the tight ass train might argue the punkatude of this, but you're just looking for another fight. If so come on! I'm a shortie with a chip on my shoulder. I'll fight you again. -Scott S.

How cool is this?! tanx
The Yips' LP Bonfire in a Dixie Cup was one of those albums with one great side (A: "If you wanna [dadada]/cut the shit [dadada]) and one not-so-great. Call it the Fun House syndrome. The third album that Menlo Park put out years later was a progression, different, maybe better, but currently forgotten. I eventually circled back around to pick up the Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly, but have never gotten around to listening to it.

A nice thing about the bottom falling out of the mid-90s indie market is that you can now find lots of Siltbreeze stuff that was gone or outrageous for years.
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