Friday, May 12, 2006

The Knotts - s/t

The Knotts s/t 7" (Star Time, 1998)

Now here's a great little mystery band, the Knotts from Arizona. I don't remember these guys ever touring, and I would need to dig through a pile of yellowing back issues of MRR to see if they ever got the review treatment, because that would be the only mag that would have covered this gang. The sound is pure mid-90s Rip Off Records style all the way, or as if a tunnel were opened from Tucson to Madison WI to allow for the morning band commute. It's a four track EP and all are in the same vein as the two tracks here, snot caked with snot. The productiion leaves something to be desired but snot uber alles.

These Knotts did another 45, I think both were in editions of 200 (how 2006 of them) on the equally mysterious but quality-conscious Star Time Records label. Since both 45s have mix-n-match covers it's hard to tell. The label also produced the magnifique Cheapshots 7" (and their cassette-only mini-LP) around the same time, although they are probably best 'remembered' for releasing the Resonars records. The label has a website thusly: I can't get it to work, though. -Ryan W.

I remember seeing an article about those guys in Horizontal Action zine from back then. Can't recall which issue it was, maybe the third one??
Funny...I thought I had two different Knotts 7"s. Looking at those records now, it's just two copies of this 7", with different covers (and neither are the cover pictured with your write-up).

Given that these guys are from Tucson, I wonder if there is any pre-Okmoniks connection (though I don't think so)?
I believe there's a Fells connection. I've only ever seen the sleeve pictured (which I've seen quite a few times) and the other EP with a photo of someone doing a handstand on a skateboard (I think).
hey, dudes, this is rob alper's (drummer for the final fells line-up) band. continuing in the fine tradition of naming your band after three's company alum, the knotts lasted for a short while during a notably dismal point in tucson’s musical history. many a righteous house party featured them, the cheap shots, and probably the born losers or something. hasslehoffs rule!
Static Party archives have 3 diff sleeves and 2 diff records, both 4-song EPs; this sleeve, the 'handstand' sleeve mentioned above and a third black sleeve with a big 'KNOTTS' across the front. Some are hand-numbered out of 200, the black one is not. We'll post the 2nd EP this summer...maybe...
My sleeves are:

White sleeve with a drawing of four guys in tuxedos at a microphone with a showerhead dousing them. The back cover of this looks like an Estrus-wannabe/Boom-Boom type layout with "Party Record for Adults Only." Mine is 57/200.

The other is a black sleeve with a photo (of the band?) in a circle. Back sleeve has handwritten lyrics. 122/200.

For whatever it's worth...
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