Thursday, May 25, 2006

King Kong - Bring It On

King Kong Bring It On 7" (Trash Flow, 1990)

Boy, how about those dumpy vocals? Sounds like he's reading the lyrics out of a spiral-bound notebook with his other hand jammed into the coat pocket of his dirty warmup jacket. Casual is the word, this guy is definitely not trying to 'sell' anyone that's he's reached his internal boiling point, and yet the unforced nature of the vocals is what makes this 7" by Chicago early 90s mini-institution King Kong work. There's alot to be said for the occasional heavy-lidded who-gives-a-fuck respite from 100-mph skin shredding gogogogogogogogogo; all scream and no soul made hardcore a metal-dominated wasteland for over 15 years running. This record reminds me strongly of the recorded ouevre of the Bay Area's quasi-legendary David Nudelman, who creeped out many an audience in a variety of fantastic psych-garage-punk bands like the Wild Breed, Three Stoned Men and the Resineaters. It also sorta reminds me of this mega-hyped 60s Swiss garage band the Sevens, who also sound like they are signing/playing under duress. So, it works as a good punker platter on that level, eh?

King Kong have other records out, they even graduated to the Drag City label at one point, but none of the subsequent releases have the basement vibe that this EP's got. Carpet sample-core. -Ryan W.

King Kong were a Louisville band. If I remember correctly this was their 2nd 7". The first one, which some consider a big deal for having an identical line up to the first Slint album, was a huge favorite of mine at the time and I remember being slightly less into this one. Still a great weird record though. I was never able to connect to their full lengths, but they might sound better 15 years down the line, who knows?

i think every copy has the upper left corner dented. drives us mint freaks crazy.
Louisville, okay, a tribute to a lack of SP internet research.

If I had known this was post-Slint, I would have baked a cake. -Ryan W.
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